Enjoy Digital Painting – English Edition

The manual by Susanna Bur shows based on 34 detailed tutorials on how to implement classical painting techniques on computer. The range is wide: from the very simple technique Smudge about drawing with pencils, crayons, charcoal and pastel, as well as oil, acrylic and watercolor painting and mixed media.

Let your creative impulse to paint beautiful pictures, free rein. The monitor of your computer is your window to the digital realm and GIMP is your tool. Start the journey through your visions, whether abstract or realistic, if your trip takes you to the flowers in the garden, to fantasy worlds or through the sky into space, there are no limits. Learn how to Create „your“ masterpiece in simple steps from a photograph.

This book also contains many practical tips for setting up the free GIMP image editing program a perfect tool for digital painting. Of course it is to implement the techniques in many other image editing programs.

Download the Enjoy-Digital-Painting_Paletten-Palettes

Also available in German.

Print version available at Amazon.

EBook available on Amazon, XinXii, BARNES & NOBLE, iBookstore and other platforms.